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Dough Balls


Wood-Fired cooking goes well beyond a method to cook food… it is a social event. It doesn't matter who, when or where, folks are enamored with the flames that dance across the top of the dome. They gather in anticipation of the treats that will result. To me, there is nothing like watching a pizza go from dough and toppings to a beautifully cooked meal in less than two minutes. 

My love for pizza, especially the likes of wood-fired pizza’s, led me on a journey that I didn't see coming. Yep, I wanted a traditional wood-fired brick pizza oven. It took about six years of debating, researching and space planning. The result of which is not a brick oven, but a prefabricated oven kit that is beautiful and efficient. The results also include an entertaining area that surrounds the oven, including bar height seating. 

What I did not see coming was the increased use of the “pizza” oven for non-pizza items.  I also did not expect such excitement from my community of friends and family.

Throughout the process, I have learned and grown.  You see, I am a poor planner. I can cook and I can create recipes—I cannot multitask.  I have always struggled with getting things done for service at the same or correct time.  I also found that I spent more time with the food than my guests.  My initial intention was to document the recipes I have developed and then create entertaining menus curated from the recipes where I would spell out sequencing and timing to take the stress out of it.  What I learned is that I can do that.  I also learned that I can do that while interacting with guests and even get them engaged in the process.

My journey with cooking started at a young age. I always loved helping in the kitchen.  I began making family meals in my early teens.  My parents seemed to think that I was a good cook and pushed me to go to culinary school.  At that time, my impression was that work is a necessity that nobody likes.  I loved cooking and decided I did not want to tarnish that by pursuing being a chef as my profession. I have since learned that “jobs” can be fun and rewarding.  However, I did decide to take an early retirement and am currently spending my time cooking, entertaining, creating new recipes, golfing and woodworking.  

Given that I spent this time creating and documenting wonderful recipes and menus, I thought others might enjoy the same. 

Please enjoy!


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