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The heat is on! Welcome to Wood-Fired Entertaining where we explore recipes, tips and techniques

Updated: Jul 28, 2023


As stated on the home page of this site, The goal of this site is to share with others that have similar passions. Although there is a focus on using wood-fired ovens, all of these recipes work with traditional cooking techniques and some are just not meant for a wood-fired oven.

I expect some posts to direct you to a collection of related recipes with more detailed descriptions. When applicable, each blog post with a recipe will discuss things such as substitutions or alternate ingredients to change it up. The goal is to inspire folks to explore and learn to go off script a bit and make your own insipred creations. Additionally, some of the technique posts will include video.


Please interact with us and let's build a community. We would like your feedback, input and questions and suggestions.

Also, please join us by providing your email address as a subscriber on the main home page. Our goal is to send you a weekly email with the latest post.

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